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Whether the goal of your next events is to energize your membership, honor your employees, ignite your sales force, or elevate your professional relationships, and you desire a speaker to transform the occasion into a celebration that will never be forgotten, then Woody Roseland is your choice.

About Woody Roseland

Woody Roseland has burst onto the scene of motivational speaking and is already one of the most compelling motivational speakers of our time. His courage, tenacity and humor highlight his story of overcoming insurmountable odds to beat cancer seven times.

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America as a whole 'seems' to have a pretty solid social consciousness and responsibility towards cancer -- as evident by October and its nauseating dedication (read: marketing) to curing breast cancer (read: selling pink things in the hope of appealing to women). Although there seems to be a lot of going on for breast cancer, things aren't as cut and clear for the rest of the cancer world in America, especially for the young adult cancer community.

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Our non-profit, Heart Power Inc., hosts charitable summer youth football camps in Florida, Kentucky, and Colorado. This past summer in Denver, we were extremely blessed to have Woody as a guest speaker. To say the least, Woody is an extraordinary individual whose testimony alone evokes action. He was able to totally gain and keep the attention of a group of campers ranging from ages 10 – 17 (not an easy task). He not only spoke to these campers about perseverance and attitude; he was able to totally mesmerize them with his ability to rap. What an awesome experience!!! Likewise, the staff and coaches of our camp were totally amazed and captivated by Woody’s charisma, personality, and wit. We look forward to having Woody as a part of the C.H.A.M.P. Camp and Heart Power Inc. for years to come!

- Champ Kelly, Founder Heart Power Incorporated

Colorado Rockies pitcher Jeremy Guthrie* tweeted to find somebody for a game of catch at Coors Field. He connected with his Twitter follower Woody Roseland, and the pair played catch. Guthrie tweeted that Roseland, a five-time cancer survivor and amputee, is not only an inspiration to him — but a new friend

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I wake up to the taste of blood in my mouth... again. After lung surgery, waking up is usually the worst part of the day. You've gone 5-6 hours without painkillers, the warm glow brought to you by the good folks at Pfizer has been replaced by the harsh brightness of the sun streaking through your curtains and the dull ache in your ribs.

Huffingtonpost.com - Woody Roseland, Embrace The Suck

References & Testimonials

Tom Perryman, Green Hill School

Woody Roseland held the Greenhill School Upper School student body and faculty spellbound this morning, moving an audience of five hundred between laughter and tears, and always with a humble, self-deprecating...

Dan Luzadder, Courage for the Journey

Woody Roseland spoke recently at the annual Courage for the Journey event put on by Denver’s St. Mary’s Academy. He talked to middle school boys and their fathers about his own journey...

Champ Kelly, Heart Power

Our non-profit, Heart Power Inc., hosts charitable summer youth football camps in Florida, Kentucky, and Colorado. This past summer in Denver, we were extremely blessed to have Woody as a guest speaker....
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Amputee plays catch with Rockies pitcher
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A Young Adult Survivor Story: Woody
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Woody and Guthrie play catch
By Rick Reilly | ESPN.com

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