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Whether the goal of your next events is to energize your membership, honor your employees, ignite your sales force, or elevate your professional relationships, and you desire a speaker to transform the occasion into a celebration that will never be forgotten, then Woody Roseland is your choice.

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Woody Roseland has burst onto the scene of motivational speaking and is already one of the most compelling motivational speakers of our time. His courage, tenacity and humor highlight his story of overcoming insurmountable odds to beat cancer seven times.

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Hey Everybody,

As 2012 draws to a close and I reflect upon the year, I'm blown away by everything that I've been through. I started off the year simply learning to walk on my prosthetic. Since then I've been all around the nation, from sea to shining sea. I took part in the largest bike event in the entire nation, spoke to 10,000 people and was a part of raising 16.9 million dollars for cancer research (and that was just one weekend). I've spoken to everyone from kids in the foster care system in Wichita, Kansas to the CEO's of Gold mining companies from Canada. I've endured chemotherapy, Lung surgery, and the Rockies abysmal season (Seriously, 64-98?). Took part in TEDxMileHigh, which gave me the opportunity to meet an incredible group of people who push me to be better, and are WWAAAYYYYY smarter than I am. Became the spokesman for Make-A-Wish’s 30th anniversary. Snuck into the Huffington Post. I had a catch, played some golf, and taught a dance to some pretty cool guys. And I Kicked off my first Tee shirt campaign, and told cancer to SUCK IT. I even gave an interview on CNN in an Australian accent (Don't ask why, just go with it) But, If my first year of fully dedicating myself to motivational speaking has brought me one thing, it’s excitement for the future! (Seriously, I’m pumped)

Read more: Reflecting and Looking forward

... I'll be sedated, sliced, and somewhat saved.

But let's back up, I'm writing to you on Wednesday Nov. 14 as I sit at gate D18 at Washington-Dulles International Airport. I'm currently enjoying my two-hour layover on my way from Denver to Columbus, Ohio.

Huffingtonpost.com - Woody Roseland, By the Time You Read This Blog...


Young Adult Survivor, Osteosarcoma, Comedian, Motivational Speaker

Young Adult Survivor, Ovarian Cancer, Host & Reporter Sky Living, Entertainment Director/Manager, LA Bureau

Young Adult Survivor, Living w/Brain Stem Glioma, Sidekick, The Adam Carolla Show, Host, "The Film Vault" Weekly Podcast, Chair, Nat'l Brain Tumor Society LA Walk

Stupid Cancer Show, Surviving Hollywood

As the keynote speaker for our opening ceremony, Woody's involvement in Pelotonia 2012 was outstanding. Simply put, Woody is an incredible asset to Pelotonia. With high expectations for our 10,000+ Riders and guests, our keynote speaker had to be extraordinary. While Woody’s story is truly incredible, his remarkable ability to connect with, captivate and motivate people is what made him the perfect fit. With Woody’s involvement, Pelotonia raised 16.9 Million dollars, surpassing previous year's fundraising totals. Since our ride, Woody continues to be a key part of our community based movement to OneGoal: EndCancer. The feedback from our riders about Woody has been nothing but incredibly positive and thankful. The Pelotonia community knows Woody and respects him and we will certainly keep him involved for years to come.

- Tom Lennox, CEO & Executive Director of Pelotonia

References & Testimonials

Tom Perryman, Green Hill School

Woody Roseland held the Greenhill School Upper School student body and faculty spellbound this morning, moving an audience of five hundred between laughter and tears, and always with a humble, self-deprecating...

Dan Luzadder, Courage for the Journey

Woody Roseland spoke recently at the annual Courage for the Journey event put on by Denver’s St. Mary’s Academy. He talked to middle school boys and their fathers about his own journey...

Champ Kelly, Heart Power

Our non-profit, Heart Power Inc., hosts charitable summer youth football camps in Florida, Kentucky, and Colorado. This past summer in Denver, we were extremely blessed to have Woody as a guest speaker....
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Woody and Guthrie play catch
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Woody's Videos


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