Have you ever heard the term - creative serendipity? Creative serendipity is when out of the blue a great idea pops into your head.  For me this usually happens right before you fall asleep or while I'm in the shower and have no way to write it down. But the other day as I was preparing for a speech I had a bit of creative serendipity -- a fun idea to get the audience more involved in my speeches and all it takes is a bunch of sharpies and some $2 bills. 

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This summer I've had the once in a lifetime opportunity to Intern at the LIVESTRONG Foundation. Its inspiring to be around so many hard working and dedicated people who want to help others. Every day I'm learning more and more about how a high level non profit is ran. 

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Join me this Friday at the Paramount Theater (16th and Glenarm) to raise money for cancer research. The laughs will be plentiful, the women beautiful, the drinks strong, and the exeperience unforgettable. I look forward to seeing you all there. Laughs for limbs

Buy tickets HERE (Code LPF419) 

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I recently found this awesome image from my First Descents trip last August. 

Gunks Climbing

Link to fullsize photo

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So with the new year brings in a new look to WoodyRoseland.com we've come out with fresh new branding and marketing for the website. I hope you like the changes.

The brilliant architect behind all this hard work was my man Matt Megyesi I would definitely recommend you check him out if you're looking for quality website design


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Thank you all for following and supporting me over the past year! Your unwavering support has been an incredible help to me as I've dealt with the trials and tribulations associated with living with cancer.

Thank you,


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Hey Everybody,

As 2012 draws to a close and I reflect upon the year, I'm blown away by everything that I've been through. I started off the year simply learning to walk on my prosthetic. Since then I've been all around the nation, from sea to shining sea. I took part in the largest bike event in the entire nation, spoke to 10,000 people and was a part of raising 16.9 million dollars for cancer research (and that was just one weekend). I've spoken to everyone from kids in the foster care system in Wichita, Kansas to the CEO's of Gold mining companies from Canada. I've endured chemotherapy, Lung surgery, and the Rockies abysmal season (Seriously, 64-98?). Took part in TEDxMileHigh, which gave me the opportunity to meet an incredible group of people who push me to be better, and are WWAAAYYYYY smarter than I am. Became the spokesman for Make-A-Wish’s 30th anniversary. Snuck into the Huffington Post. I had a catch, played some golf, and taught a dance to some pretty cool guys. And I Kicked off my first Tee shirt campaign, and told cancer to SUCK IT. I even gave an interview on CNN in an Australian accent (Don't ask why, just go with it) But, If my first year of fully dedicating myself to motivational speaking has brought me one thing, it’s excitement for the future! (Seriously, I’m pumped)

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I go in at 6:30 for lung surgery to pluck out the tumors that returned a few months ago, the article I wrote for the Huffington post is coming out, and I'm appearing on the stupid cancer radio show 7ET/5MT (Whilst being drugged up from surgery) Should be a good day!

I had a great time in Columbus at the Pelotonia check presentation ceremony (16.9 Million dollars, booyah) it was amazing seeing everyone and I apologize to anyone who I wasn't able to talk with as much as I wanted.

Columbus, you're a beautiful city, thanks for giving me 4 days of sunshine and fun before surgery. Big shout out to Alex Kip for the awesome show, and Tim Hamburger for the awesome bike ride this morning.

I'll keep you all posted after surgery tomorrow.

One goal!

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I'm back in Columbus Ohio!

let me tell you. I love Columbus! The people, the food (I could eat Piada every day!) And Pelotonia!

And now It's time to celebrate! I was in Columbus for Pelotonia 2012 in August. I was able to witness 6,212 people coming together to end cancer. Now everything is tallied and in the book and it's time to see how much money was raised. I asked people on facebook for prediction and the general concensus is that it's going to be a LOT OF MONEY!

So if you're in Columbus come to the Check presentation party at the LC tonight! Hopefully I see you all there!

Get tickets here!!

- W

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9/24/12 Denver, Colorado

First off, thank you all so much for your support and kind words over the past few weeks since I was rediagnosed, It means a lot to my family and I.

Since my rediagnosis on Aug. 20th I have met with 5 different oncologists across the nation in Denver, Houston and Columbus. My goal was to get the best idea of what my options are. I was able to meet with some incredibly brilliant doctors who are working their tails off trying to find a cure for cancer. I feel like I had a sneak peek into the future of cancer care talking with them.

The conclusion that we came to is that I need surgery on my lungs and then I’m going to start treatment again indefinitely.

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