Woody Roseland held the Greenhill School Upper School student body and faculty spellbound this morning, moving an audience of five hundred between laughter and tears, and always with a humble, self-deprecating wisdom rare in such a speaker.   Without ever getting preachy or even approaching self-pity, Woody opened our eyes to the experience of confronting the “c-word” with discipline and self-determination.  His lessons transcended his own medical challenges and provided an inspirational charge to the entire school community to take control of our lives and be a force for good in the world.  When he finished, our students rushed the podium, wanting even more time with this rock-star speaker!  Our community is wiser and more compassionate today than it was yesterday, and I am grateful to this remarkable young man for that.

Tom Perryman, Assistant Head of School - Green Hill School

Woody Roseland spoke recently at the annual Courage for the Journey event put on by Denver’s St. Mary’s Academy. He talked to middle school boys and their fathers about his own journey through the difficulties of adolescent illness and his continuing battle with cancer. Never have I heard a story quite as powerful and compelling as his. He epitomizes what our annual program is about – Courage for the Journey through life. Just days before he was to speak, Woody found himself in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy once again. He could have quite understandably cancelled. But instead he came, stayed, met with our group, told his story in a way that touched the heart, and left us all in awe of his ability to preserve, to keep his sense of humor, to confront his challenge - and never accept defeat. Woody is a remarkable young man, an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough – as we were – to come to know him.

-Dan Luzadder, Chairman, Courage for the Journey 

Our non-profit, Heart Power Inc., hosts charitable summer youth football camps in Florida, Kentucky, and Colorado. This past summer in Denver, we were extremely blessed to have Woody as a guest speaker. To say the least, Woody is an extraordinary individual whose testimony alone evokes action. He was able to totally gain and keep the attention of a group of campers ranging from ages 10 – 17 (not an easy task). He not only spoke to these campers about perseverance and attitude; he was able to totally mesmerize them with his ability to rap. What an awesome experience!!! Likewise, the staff and coaches of our camp were totally amazed and captivated by Woody’s charisma, personality, and wit. We look forward to having Woody as a part of the C.H.A.M.P. Camp and Heart Power Inc. for years to come!

- Champ Kelly, Founder Heart Power Incorporated

As the keynote speaker for our opening ceremony, Woody's involvement in Pelotonia 2012 was outstanding. Simply put, Woody is an incredible asset to Pelotonia. With high expectations for our 10,000+ Riders and guests, our keynote speaker had to be extraordinary. While Woody’s story is truly incredible, his remarkable ability to connect with, captivate and motivate people is what made him the perfect fit. With Woody’s involvement, Pelotonia raised 16.9 Million dollars, surpassing previous year's fundraising totals. Since our ride, Woody continues to be a key part of our community based movement to OneGoal: EndCancer. The feedback from our riders about Woody has been nothing but incredibly positive and thankful. The Pelotonia community knows Woody and respects him and we will certainly keep him involved for years to come.

- Tom Lennox, CEO & Executive Director of Pelotonia

I had the pleasure to collaborate with Woody through his participation in TEDxMileHigh 2012. Woody has a rare combination of perspective, humor and commitment to building community for those around him. He brought tremendous talent to the event and at the same time was happy to partner with our program team in developing a talk specific to our audience. I have heard from countless people that his talk had a tremendous impact on their perspectives and lives and I can say that it was an amazing personal experience to work with and get to know Woody. I can't say enough

- Jeremy Duhon, Curator TEDxMileHigh

We are thrilled to have Woody as our spokesperson for the 30th anniversary of Make-A-Wish Colorado. He is a fighter who is motivated and passionate. His strength and joy for life, coupled with his ability to find humor and good in the most difficult of circumstances is truly inspiring.

- Joan Mazak, President & CEO of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Colorado

Woody had us laughing and crying from the moment he entered the stage. His unique style of strength and humor optimistically "wowed" the audience as he shared his approach to his cancer journey. I've never had a speaker make such a lasting impact.

- Shelbi Perry, Executive Director, The Limb Preservation Foundation


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