As the keynote speaker for our opening ceremony, Woody's involvement in Pelotonia 2012 was outstanding. Simply put, Woody is an incredible asset to Pelotonia. With high expectations for our 10,000+ Riders and guests, our keynote speaker had to be extraordinary. While Woody’s story is truly incredible, his remarkable ability to connect with, captivate and motivate people is what made him the perfect fit. With Woody’s involvement, Pelotonia raised 16.9 Million dollars, surpassing previous year's fundraising totals. Since our ride, Woody continues to be a key part of our community based movement to OneGoal: EndCancer. The feedback from our riders about Woody has been nothing but incredibly positive and thankful. The Pelotonia community knows Woody and respects him and we will certainly keep him involved for years to come.

- Tom Lennox, CEO & Executive Director of Pelotonia


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