Our non-profit, Heart Power Inc., hosts charitable summer youth football camps in Florida, Kentucky, and Colorado. This past summer in Denver, we were extremely blessed to have Woody as a guest speaker. To say the least, Woody is an extraordinary individual whose testimony alone evokes action. He was able to totally gain and keep the attention of a group of campers ranging from ages 10 – 17 (not an easy task). He not only spoke to these campers about perseverance and attitude; he was able to totally mesmerize them with his ability to rap. What an awesome experience!!! Likewise, the staff and coaches of our camp were totally amazed and captivated by Woody’s charisma, personality, and wit. We look forward to having Woody as a part of the C.H.A.M.P. Camp and Heart Power Inc. for years to come!

- Champ Kelly, Founder Heart Power Incorporated


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