Woody Roseland spoke recently at the annual Courage for the Journey event put on by Denver’s St. Mary’s Academy. He talked to middle school boys and their fathers about his own journey through the difficulties of adolescent illness and his continuing battle with cancer. Never have I heard a story quite as powerful and compelling as his. He epitomizes what our annual program is about – Courage for the Journey through life. Just days before he was to speak, Woody found himself in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy once again. He could have quite understandably cancelled. But instead he came, stayed, met with our group, told his story in a way that touched the heart, and left us all in awe of his ability to preserve, to keep his sense of humor, to confront his challenge - and never accept defeat. Woody is a remarkable young man, an inspiration to all who are fortunate enough – as we were – to come to know him.

-Dan Luzadder, Chairman, Courage for the Journey 


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